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Entering the XXI century and winning over the shareholder, the company Karbon 2, Capital Group FASING Plc. started its export expansion on wide scale. It has been preceded by the campaign promoting the Company’s products all over the world, participation of the Company’s representatives in international fairs and exhibitions on many continents and also thanks to constant product range extension.

Apart from products to the mining industry, the Company has a wide offer to many other industries. Therefore, for over 10 years, FASING has been expanding its group of export customers and its position on the world market is constantly increasing.

Today Capital Group FASING Plc. is one of the worldwide mostly valued producers of chains and accessories to scraper conveyors. Products manufactured by the Company are used in 33 countries around the world and the Company has 60 regular customers abroad. Demand on its products is still increasing, also in such world regions as: China, USA, Russia, Ukraine or Australia. FASING belongs to the leading top of Polish companies exporting its products to China.

A very important export direction is the market of Eastern Europe and North Asia. Since 2000 FASING has independently exported its products, firstly to Russia and Ukraine, and then also to Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia (at first, in the 1990s, FASING was selling its products through KOPEX). As a proof of abovementioned direction development, in December 2011 subsidiary company FASING UKRAINE has been established – a subsidiary company representing the Group on this area.

Good partner, long term relationships acquired long time ago, as well as adapting the production to different mining, exploitation and geological conditions caused that today FASING is perceived as a leader in providing mining chains, connecting links, scraper bars and chain assemblies for scraper conveyors. Moreover, the Company’s products are commonly used in hard coal mines, as well as in the potassium salt mines (Belarus) and in bituminous shale mines (Estonia).

Today Capital Group FASING Plc. cooperates with companies worldwide: USA, Colombia, Chile, Australia, China, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, India, Vietnam, countries of West Africa, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Mongolia.